October 4, 2016

Window Seat by Lauren A. Forry

Haley boards a bus in the middle of the night fleeing a bloody past.  But she’s brought more with her than she realizes…
October 11, 2016

Upon A Third Horse by Eric Del Carlo

Acclaimed author Eric Del Carlo brings us a profound and terrifying future-earth in which the last remaining source of food has teeth, claws and purpose…
October 18, 2016

Plunged by Sam French

Continuing a theme first presented in Lauren A. Forry’s “Window Seat,” author Sam French puts us back on the bus and on a ride into pure […]
October 25, 2016

63 Sequoia Lane by Lauren A. Forry

“63 Sequoia Lane” by Lauren A. Forry was one of the first stories Brick Moon ever received.  It blew us away and remains a favorite.  What […]