The Tangerine Egg by Stephanie Jessop

Fishing in the Desert by Rudolfo Serna
November 15, 2016
Learned by Sam French
December 6, 2016

Here is our final podcast of November and in the interest of family coming together for the holidays we pulled it from our anthology The Future of Romance.  All our anthologies will be collected in the Brick Moon Fiction Annual Volume 2 which is due out this week in both digital and print!  The Tangerine Egg embodies what is best about Brick Moon Fiction.  First off the quality of Stephanie Jessop’s writing is stellar.  It’s smart, wry and full of sucker-punch emotional beats.  Secondly there’s the sheer originality of the piece.  We give our writers general prompts and the best stories come completely and surprisingly out of left field.  We think you’ll enjoy this one.  Have a pleasant Thanksgiving and be sure to leave room for The Tangerine Egg.