The Conductor by Eli Edelson

A journey. A crash. A discovery. A revelation. Considering the times we live in one can not help but wonder how this will affect the constitution […]

The Sunken River by Kevin R. O’Hara

We have a new one from Kevin R. O’Hara. This is a totally fun one and the less said about it the better because it’s got […]

Consumed by Sam French

At first glance we see an ancient ship at sea, but upon closer inspection it’s revealed that all of the materials that make up the ship […]

The End of the F*#king World by Jack Moody

This is the final story with the theme “The Enemy of My Enemy.” And, hey, maybe you can guess by the title that it’s a bit […]

Nala by Bryan Aiello

Man, do we love us some Bryan Aiello. You know that line from the ’89 Batman, “Where does he get those wonderful toys?” We feel the […]

Nocturne in Black and Gold
by Alicia Hilton

We have a new story from a new (for us) writer this week! Alicia Hilton has delivered a story that exists in some poetic world outside […]

Rescues by Sam French (Sneak Peek)

We take a break from our sci-fi short stories to bring you this, uh, sci-fi scripted audio. That’s right, one of our Brick Moon writers, Sam […]

Opposite Number by Eric Del Carlo

Eric Del Carlo is BACK. We have four brand new stories coming at you with an all new prompt – this time it’s “The Enemy of […]

Support Class by Stephanie Jessop

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the past series of stories being a single-mom is HARD, right? Well, guess what, it doesn’t get any better […]

Water That Runs Red
by Bryan Aiello

Mars is perilous. It is plagued by deadly storms, a half functioning command center, and it’s a place where oxygen is more valuable than gold. It’s […]