Let’s Get Small
by Eli Edelson

Errors of Lunatics by Bryan Aiello
August 28, 2019
White Flags by Jack Moody
September 17, 2019

New month, new theme! Okay, we went big over the summer. HUGE. I mean, we took you to the freaking moon. So now that fall is here, we decided to roll it back. Way back. Small, even. In fact, that’s this month’s theme – SMALL. But we here at Brick Moon know, size doesn’t matter – stories do.

So without further delay, may we introduce this week’s story, “Let’s Get Small” by a newcomer to the Brick Moon writing troop, Eli Edelson! This story is a quick-paced thriller told from the point of view of a man who has created a most interesting and deadly piece of tech that is suddenly turned back on him. Narrated by Nicholas Thurkettle! Get Small, everyone!

Artwork courtesy OUTER PLACES