Do No Harm by Chantel Donnan

Skin Deep by Jason D’Aprile
May 21, 2019
Remember Thou Art Dust by JB Toner
June 17, 2019

New month, new theme, new writer. We decided to spend the month of June in “Denial.” Yes, that’s this month’s theme for the stories from the warped, genius writers here at Brick Moon Fiction. See, we couldn’t help but notice the de-evolution of humanity. The rejection of science and of facts. And it got us to thinking – if you’re one of the people who has devoted your life to a science only to see society turn it’s backs on factual evidence, would you not take a stand?

Our stories for this month live in that space and this first one, “Do No Harm” comes from a new writer to us – Chantel Donnan. Check it out. We think you’ll dig it. And thanks as always to the lovely Nicholas Thurkettle for his narration!

Image courtesy HERE.