The Creek Was Not on the Map by Lauren A. Forry

Things To Consider by Kelseigh N
April 25, 2019
Skin Deep by Jason D’Aprile
May 21, 2019

Winter in Vermont. Epic snowstorm, people trapped in their cars on a major freeway with no means of escape in the immediate future. So someone has to save them and that’s what this team is here for… Well, most of the team. There’s one member of this unit who has a different motive. Who has a different history with the area. Come witness a mysterious past unfold and merge with a deadly present.

Writer Lauren A. Forry once again delivers a thrilling tale for the Brick Moon audience. Enjoy, “The Creek Was Not on the Map.” Narrated by Nicholas Thurkettle.

Recommended if you like, Shirley Jackson, Horror.

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