Uncle Raymond Has A Pet Gerbil by Jack Moody

Homecoming by Lauren A. Forry
January 8, 2019
Meatless Fridays by Eric Del Carlo
January 29, 2019

The second podcast of 2019 is here!  From our “Teenagers and Test Tubes” prompt, this story comes from Jack Moody.  Listeners/readers familiar with Jack’s stories know he’s not afraid to reach out beyond the fringe, so it’s a real ‘chocolate-and-peanut-butter’ moment for him to be paired up with a prompt as fun as this.  Layer in Nicholas Thurkettle’s AMAZING performance as Uncle Raymond, we guarantee you’re in for a good time.  Let’s go visit, Uncle Ray even though Dad says not to… okay?

Jack Moody is a short story writer, poet and freelance journalist from wherever he happens to be at the time. His work has appeared in multiple magazines and journals, including the Saturday Evening Post. His debut short stories collection Dancing to Broken Records is forthcoming, to be published by Beacon Publishing Group. He didn’t go to college. He likes his privacy.

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