Tidings of Light and Spirit
by Bryan Aiello

A Deserving Conference by Robert Kingett
November 20, 2018
My Mom, My Dad, and My Brothers by Sam French
December 11, 2018

We here at Brick Moon are not immune from the holiday spirit.  At the very least, why NOT set aside a day when everyone tries to be decent and not act like dicks to one another?  But this year we’re running with the theme.  This year we wanted to give you a PRESENT courtesy all our writers.  In fact, that’s the prompt they were assigned.  In short – a family notices the appearance of a mysterious present in their home on Christmas morning.  The Brick Moon writers did not disappoint as you will soon discover from this absolutely EPIC piece of writing.  We love this one so much – you will too.  Trust us.  And Happy Holidays!