So Shall Morpheus Become Nemesis by Kelseigh N

Blue and Black by Lauren A. Forry
January 19, 2018
The Enrico Test by Sam French
February 15, 2018

2018 marks the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus – what many consider to be one of the first science fiction novels.  Clearly it’s a classic that has endured and spawned many different versions of itself most famously the 1931 film starring Boris Karloff as Frankenstein’s monster.  In its day the novel addressed topical themes about religion, science, and the hubris of man.  In honor of Shelley’s work, we decided to ask the Brick Moon writers to think “Beyond Prometheus.”  In other words, what is the next generations Frankenstein?  Who are the next creators and most importantly – what is the next creature.  We’re delighted with the results…

The first story up is from Kelseigh N. and she totally rocked.  It’s one of our favorite stories in the whole catalogue and wow… is this monster terrifying.  Enjoy “So Shall Morpheus Become Nemesis!”