White Knight on a Black Square by Eric Del Carlo

Healers by Kevin R. O’Hara
October 30, 2017
Only Rage by Josh Trapani
November 17, 2017

The End is here!  For Brick Moon Fiction’s 2017 year, that is.  And that means it’s time for The Brick Moon Fiction Annual Volume 3.  This year we’ve titled the compilation THE WEAPONIZATION OF NARRATIVE and it will be available on Amazon in a matter of hours.  We chose four topics this year, Liberty, Gaslighting, The Tyranny of History, and finally – included in this issue, UNITY.  We like our stories to have topical relevance and realized that for the bulk of the year we focused on the tools used to divide us (the above mentioned Weaponization of Narrative).  So to cap out the year we wanted our writers to look into the future and present us with a glimpse of how we might transcend our differences and come together again as a society.  The first of our last three podcasts comes from Eric Del Carlo and the story is called, “White Knight on a Black Square.”

We brought this on ourselves – this divide, this wedge.  Eventually this rivalry gave birth to, and is now epitomized by, hulking artificially intelligent robots bred to destroy.  These self-repairing creatures crush anything in their way and battle endlessly.  Now, the small tribes of human beings that are left have been forced to live as nomads, forever staying out of the path of the juggernauts of destruction.  Until now…