Moments With The Dead by Jason D’Aprile

Fourth Grade by Nicholas Thurkettle
May 2, 2017
The Basic Tenents of War by Abbi Waxman
May 18, 2017

A few month’s back we tried an experiment with our writers.  Usually we give them prompts that revolve around a very generalized notion.  The resulting variety of stories can be witnessed in our various ANTHOLOGIES.  Usually, no two stories are alike.  But for the month of Halloween, er, sorry, the month of OCTOBER we gave a group of writers very finite parameters to see if we could get the stories to link.  The results?  Well you can read (and now hear!) for yourselves.  This particular entry came in too late in the production schedule but it’s from one of our favorite writers, Jason D’Aprile, and it’s a perfectly horrific piece.  So, let’s have a little bit of Halloween in May and when you finish with this, check out Lauren A. Forry’s “Window Seat” and Sam French’s “Plunged.”  Then head over and read Amy Weaver’s “The Legend of Blackwater Bridge.”  Decide for yourself how well our little experiment worked.  We promise it’ll be a nice ride…

Art courtesy Manuel Regalado