Played by Josh Trapani

Kids by Sam French
April 4, 2017
Oakvista Pastures by Eric Del Carlo
April 18, 2017

Our second podcast for the month of April continues the theme of Gaslighting.  We’re proud to welcome a new voice to the BMF Podcast, Josh Trapani, who – with his story “Played” – has delivered on the premise to a startling degree.  Part of what makes what we do at Brick Moon so fascinating is that we strive to bring to life abstract concepts in a visceral and emotional way.  Trapani has created a chilling and frightening slice of the reality we’re all living right now.  Think you’re not being gaslit in some way?  Think again.  This is the kind of story that blurs the line between speculative fiction and reality in a way that will change the way you see the world around you.  Please enjoy, “Played” by Josh Trapani.

Photo by Kyle Hodges