Liberty Watch by Eric Del Carlo

The Storm Starts Over by Rudolfo Serna
February 28, 2017
Professor Gordon P. Fledgeworth and the Clean-up Crews by Sam French
March 15, 2017

A new month, a new theme.  This month’s theme is LIBERTY, a first of three thematic prompts that will, collectively, tie in to reflect the current state of affairs in America.  There’s no need to go into great detail here – if there’s anything the country can agree on is that we are in a state of chaos.  So, after taking a break in February with some escapist fantasy fare, we wanted to get “extrospective” with some themes that are directly influencing our lives.  But we’re here to entertain, too, so it’s not gonna get too heavy.  Case in point, our theme of Liberty comes with a cool twist.  Yes, we asked our writers to explore the central theme of liberty and what it means, but included in this was the mandate that they had to riff on a classic sci-fi trope – they have to fuck with the Statue of Liberty in some way.

Hitting it out of the park, and launching off the first of our four March podcast releases is Eric Del Carlo’s “Liberty Watch.”  Considering how merciless and shocking some of Eric’s story beats can be, there is also a remarkable sensitivity on display, especially in this story.  We’ll be talking more about this in the upcoming weeks over on our BLOG, but for now, please enjoy “Liberty Watch.”

Image courtesy Michael J. Canales at MJCimageworks