The Mushroom Mask by Stephanie Jessop

Learned by Sam French
December 6, 2016
Far Flung by Kevin R. O’Hara
December 20, 2016

We have another great one from Stephanie Jessop who previously delivered the goods with The Tangerine Egg.  This one fits nicely with that one and begins to set up a specific tone that is totally unique and also the author’s forte (We say this with confidence as we are privy to a work in progress that shall rear its head sometime in 2017).  The Mushroom Mask was part of the (unreleased!) Toys of the Future prompt and centers on a story told during a babysitting session – a story that’s really far out.  Picture the storytelling scene from The Princess Bride and then picture it going really, really wrong.  Enjoy!

Image courtesy Carson-Drew-It