Interested in imagining the future?  

We are always looking for new writers who are excited to bring their unique voice and new perspectives to speculative fiction.  We want to work with writers that can focus their soaring imaginations on potential futures that change the way we look at the present.

At Brick Moon Fiction we do things a bit differently than traditional literary magazines.  We pay our writers to write, guaranteed, based on creative prompts that we provide.  As such, we do not accept short story submissions for publication.  

Our goal is to introduce new voices and fresh ideas into pop culture – and to develop and promote new writers.  As such, our deal terms are designed to be simple, easy to execute, and incentivize everyone to make the most of every opportunity.  Once we accept a writer as part of our team, Brick Moon Fiction will provide a story prompt and a contract.  If the writer connects with the prompt, they are guaranteed payment once the story and contract are returned.  The writer is not required to do any revisions or “clean up,” and because we want to motivate our writers to take creative risks, there will never be a “quality” test.  If the story is related to the topic, meets the minimum length, and the contract is signed, the writer gets paid – even if in the layout process we opt not the publish the story. 

The company owns all rights to the story, but remains in partnership with the writer – if the story has a life beyond print, are sold or optioned into any other medium, the writer will receive 40% of that revenue.

Our team of writers is also presented with special opportunities from time to time, such as paid brainstorming sessions and privately commissioned stories.  In addition, we are working with a couple of our writers to develop and promote serialized novels and explore other unique ways to tell stories in both print and digital.

If you are interested in working with us, you need to submit two samples of your writing – at least one of which must be a short story – and a short biography.  We are looking for interesting characters, a unique voice, and original ideas.  Although we have a pop sensibility, we lean towards the literary.   Once we have reviewed your materials we will conduct a brief interview by phone, email or whatever electronic device is applicable.  

If you’re interested in becoming part of the Brick Moon writing team please feel free to Email us at brickmoonfiction@gmail.com.