Welcome to the Animalcules Podcast


Brick Moon Fiction presents a five-part enhanced podcast for the whole family!

Do you know what an Animalcule is?  Neither does Fiona Baron.  Oh, she knows what they’re called and what they do – Marbles spits marbles, Sparky shoots off static electricity, Taper tapes things, Ripper rips things and… well, you get the idea.  Fi doesn’t know HOW she knows the names of these creatures or even what they’re called.  What’s more – she doesn’t know what all 14 of the little critters want with HER… But she’s about to find out.  Subscribe to Brick Moon Fictions delightful and amusing enhanced podcast.  Available NOW!


Animalcules – Part 5

What a ride it’s been!  And here we are, the final, thrilling conclusion of Animalcules by the super-talented Stephanie Jessop!  Join Fi, Keiko, and Max as […]

Animalcules – Part 4

Fi and Keiko finally locate the mysterious Max Spool, but will he have the information they need to escape the Jumpsuits and a couple building-sized Animalcules?

Animalcules – Part 3

Our last episode saw Fi and her Animalcules knocked out and abducted by a mysterious man in a JUMPSUIT.  Find out what happens in Part 3 […]

Animalcules – Part 2

Part 2 of Animalcules is HERE.  Up to now Fi’s problems with the critters has been annoying, but relatively small.  But things are about to get […]

Animalcules – Part 1

Welcome to the first installment of Brick Moon Fiction’s presentation of ANIMALCULES by Stephanie Jessop!  In this first episode you’ll meet Fi Barron, a young woman […]